Social Services

The purpose of Santo Domingo Social Services is to provide a wide range of family oriented services to strengthen and promote healthy families. As well as to prevent the breakup of Santo Domingo families by providing family and child welfare services that are culturally relevant and when the removal of a child is necessary, to place the child in a placement that is least restrictive. To ensure services to clients, the program will refer and coordinate services with other Tribal Programs. State, County, Federal, and Indian Health Services (IHS) to meet the needs of our children and families. The Social Service Program offers Child Welfare services, ICWA services, elderly abuse/neglect referrals, Tribal General Assistance, burial assistance, crisis intervention, kinship placement, as well as assisting family and individuals with the process of applying for State General Assistance, SNAP, TANF, LIHEAP, Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, and other public assistance.