Emergency Medical Services

Program Information

Santo Domingo Fire and EMS runs approximately 800 medical calls per year. EMS makes up 98% of emergency calls, we also provide Fire coverage which makes up the rest. Our shifts are 48 hours on and 120 hours off ( which is 2 days on and 5 days of). Our shifts are fixed days meaning that you work the same two days every week. We have one fire station and we currently have two EMT/Firefighters on shift per day. We are a smaller department but looking to grow. We have longer transport times being between to metropolitan areas ( Santa Fe and Albuquerque). Santo Domingo EMS provides Emergency Medical Services to the community of Santo Domingo Pueblo as well as the Pueblo of San Felipe; Santo Domingo EMS also provides secondary response to the Pueblo of Cochiti and the townships of Pena Blanca, Sile, Budaghers, and Cochiti Lake. The district also encompasses a stretch of the I-25 corridor starting from the San Felipe overpass (exit 252) to the bottom of La Bajada Hill (exit 264) and will respond further if needed. Santo Domingo Fire & EMS is currently the only full-time service within a ten-mile radius that provides advanced level services for the I-25 corridor which includes San Felipe Casino, two travel centers, and a heavily traveled interstate. Santo Domingo Fire & EMS provides fire response to Santo Domingo Pueblo and mutual/automatic aid to surrounding jurisdictions.