Kewa House

Mission Statement The mission of Kewa House Emergency Youth Shelter is to provide every resident with a safe, healthy home environment, that is spiritually and culturally relevant, to encourage, protect and maintain the traditional values of family and community. Kewa House will continue to foster and enhance individual, family and community functioning through:

  • Encouragement and support of cultural/traditional beliefs
  • Supportive Counseling Services
  • Positive alternative activities (educational and recreational)
  • Collaboration with community and outside resources.
  • In-house presentation/ workshops
  • Housing options for youth ages 18-24

Vision Statement
Kewa House (EYS) strives to provide safe, confidential, user-friendly and efficient services. Youth are our number one priority. Kewa House continually seeks to improve the quality of services and Enhance Coordinated Services between Tribal and Non-Tribal Resources through communication, with all Native American tribes and programs within the State of New Mexico.